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Strategic lines 2014 - 2020

As a result of an intense work on analyzing the present and future situation and the consensus between the different actors linked to the sector, the Strategic Plan of the Catalan Institute of Cork was carried out in 2014 until 2020 with a series of lines of work:

  • Boost Catalan Cork: Open or Close

    Much of the cork used in Catalonia does not come from the Catalan forests due to different circumstances. The Catalan Institute of Cork will evaluate the objective reasons that have led us to this situation to take action in favor of the use of Catalan Cork.


  • Develop new cork applications. Give value to the by-products generated: Open or Close

    Catalan cork activity is closely linked to the manufacture of corks. All residual cork is used but for less valuable activities. The objective of the Institute is to develop applications for this by-product that have a greater added value and strengthen the competitiveness of companies and the interest of the forestry exploitation of the Catalan forests.


  • Boost cork-making areas: Open or Close

    The Catalan cork oat forests have a particularly high biodiversity and a socio-economic and cultural value that must be exploited. At the Catalan Institute of Cork we help the development of tourism products and establish links between the territory and companies and society to promote industrial tourism while taking advantage of synergies with wine tourism.


  • Evaluate environmental cork credentials: Open or Close

    Cork is a material with some chemical and physical characteristics that make it unique, and is a natural product that fixes the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and contributes to the mitigation of climate change. At the Institute we work to provide studies and proven data on the benefits of this product.


  • Promote research and innovation, especially in the field of sensory and pests: Open or Close

    At present, Catalan cork oat forests are threatened by some pests that significantly reduce the yield of forest holdings. In the Institute we work with different research centers to find solutions to this problem.


  • Encourage internationalization: Open or Close

    ICSuro collaborates with research centers around the world and receives visitors from multiple countries to find out what is a center of reference worldwide about cork. This fact is favored by the high export activity of Catalan cork companies and we want to promote it towards the emerging markets.


  • Promote communication and promotion and strategic marketing: Open or Close

    Cork is still a material unknown to many people and companies inside and outside our territory. Its qualities are still a matter of study and it is important to promote it to promote it. ICSuro promotes this material and we intend to generalize its knowledge throughout Europe and the world.


  • Increase the interactions between the forestry sector and the industrial sector: Open or Close

    It is imperative that forest owners and managers work together with the industrial sector in order to solve the main problems of product supply and resolution of pests. At the Institute we make a bridge between these sectors and establish joint projects throughout the cork value chain.


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